The usage of new kinds of connecting materials has led to creating of new technological processes of producing formal and rod cold hardening mixes (CHM).These processes are based on hardening/curing together with catalizators at normal temperature.

The CHM consist of filler (erinaceous quartz), synthetic binding, hardening catalyst and some other different additive ingredients. We make mixes by consecutive mixing of arenaceuos quartz, synthetic binding, hardening catalyst and additive ingredients.

We use special equipment to give submit, to dose and to load initial components of the mixture.

The filling and compacting of the mixture into the core box is done by free filling with the following compacting of the mixture manually, stirring and vibration. The hardening of the cores in the core boxes is carried out by keeping them on the open air or by air blasting, and also by adding active catalyst or without it.

Further, the following technological operations such as extraction of a care, finishing, colouring, assembling, etc, are carried out.

The forming and core mixtures on the basic of phosphatic binding materials provide producing the castings without scorch, cracks, blow-holes or other defects. They also allow to improve the quality, to reduce prime cost of casting, to decrease labour input of coal-face work.

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