The special feature of this kind of casting is much higher quality of the surface, but the production of chill-moulds is labour-consuming and it can be paid off only by the considerable volume of production of the same castings.

A chill-mould is a metal form which has a protective fire-resistant facing on the working surface. The filling of a chill-mould with liquid alloy and its hardening are carried out without any exposure on liquid metal, but only by gravity. Economic feasibility depends on the firmness of a chill-mould.

The advantages of chill-mould casting based on production experience.

  • Relevant durability of the chill-mould and the accelerated cooling of the casting in it.
  • Sharp reduction or practically complete elimination of consumption of forming materials
  • Increase in labour productivity in the result of elimination of labour-consuming operations in producing the mixtures, forming, cleaning the castings of scorch.
  • Reduction of roughness of a surface, increase in density of castings and their accuracy.
  • Mechanisation and automation of the process of casting caused by the multiplicity of the use of chill-mould.

Main operations and processes:

  • The cleaning of the chill-mould of the old facing
  • The warming of the chill-mould up to 200-300°C
  • The coating of the working surface with the new layer of facing
  • The setting of cores, the closing of the parts of the chill-mould
  • Casting
  • Cooling and removing of the received ready-made casting

Nowadays the chill-mould casting is one of the most used kinds of castings, especially when it is necessary to produce big patches of castings or at the beginning of mass production of a special parts.

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