At the factory monitoring and control of characteristics of products are carried out in order to check the implementation of imposed requirements. All kinds of control of the products are carried out by qualified specialists according to the regulating documentation on products (GOST, TU) on the equipment which pasted the metrological check.

Controlled parameters: chemical compound, density, hardness, geometrical parameters of castings, microstructure, etc. The control of weight, mechanical characteristics, the structure of metal, exterior of castings, correspondence to the technical documentation is carried out.

The control of the quality of castings is carried out by qualified specialists with the help of gage tested in “Vologda Center of Standartization and metrology” based on the central plant laboratory.

To improve the quality of the products, the following actions are carried out:

  • The quality control of the raw materials (incoming control).
  • The quality control of products during the process of production on all the stages of the technological cycle (process control inspection), including the chemical analysis of the product.
  • Technological discipline control on all the operations of the technological process.
  • Quality control of the finished product (final control).
  • Metrological examination of design and technological documentation, metrological control and supervision of gages.
  • Development of the internal standart documentation (standarts, instructions, techniques).
  • The study and slection of new techniques and means of technical control of quality of the product.
  • Providing systematic training and professional development of the staff; conducting records which allow to identificate the product at any stage of its cycle (registers, labels, certificates).

So, during the process of production the product goes through all stages of quality control, beginning from the raw material and up to to final product.

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