The models of modern furnaces are constantly changing and improving, some elements are changed by the different ones. But there are some functional details one cannot do without. Fire grate is among them. This element of a fire chamber, which serves to hold firewood, charcoal, (fuel) briquettes. Ashes are poured down through the holes in the fire grate, so there is again room for another portion of fuel. Fire grates can be of different design, size and price. The choice depends on the kind of a furnace and personal preferences. Fire grates can be made of different material, more often it is iron-cast or high-temperature steel. Fire grates are always affected by the fire, so it is better to choose iron-cast because it is much stronger.

The main material for fire grates production at our plant is iron-cast SCH15. Fire grates which are made of the iron-cast of this kind can sustain temperature up to 1000°C

We can produce any fire grates on your drawings or samples.


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