CONCRETE WEIGHTING COMPOUNDS intend to ballast pipelines going through swamps, water sites and flood plains of rivers.

The weighting compound CWC-UM consist of 2 concrete blocks with protective coverings and two pairs of soft connecting belts which are made of absorption cloth. With the help of these coverings the concreate blocks are fixed on the pipeline.

We produce the weighting compound of the followings sizes:

CWC-1 на трубу 1420 (CWC 2шт + пояс 2шт)

CWC-2 на трубу 1220 (CWC 2шт + пояс 2шт)

CWC-3 на трубу 1020 (CWC 2шт + пояс 2шт)

CWC-4 на трубу 529 (CWC 2шт + пояс 2шт)

Concreate weighting compounds for long distance pipe line.


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